Tables & Desks

20170610_14363920170611_10281820170611_100212Hard maple edge grain butcher block counter top20170323_16252320170323_16254720170323_16260320170323_19100420150910_12304220150910_131438Bubinga, sapele standing deskSolid teak top, used existing extension table base (leaves not pictured but top works with them)

Sapele edging on bubinga top, wenge pegShelf

Standing deskStanding desk in useShelf detailThrough tenon detail with wenge wedges and wenge pegsSoft maple top/douglas fir base/cherry red stain/ebony stain/Lacquer

Table/base detailAsh deskAsh desk drawer with pencil tray

Birch/maple workbench topCherry base for marble topCherry nightstand Cherry workbench with tool traySolid cherry officeEnd tables-bronze, birds-eye maple, granite.End tables-bronze, birds-eye maple, granite.

Built while working for Peter Beal FurnitureBrass hardware designed and fabricated by Peter Beal.Workbench from Recycled materials20150423_174542